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Don't miss SIBO with Dr. Siebecker

In this podcast, Alex speaks to Dr Alison Siebecker, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, about SIBO, prokinetics and hydrogen sulfide, as well as Dr Siebecker’s own health journey that led to her pursuing a career in naturopathic medicine.

They discuss disrupted motility as the most common cause of SIBO, and the role that prokinetics can play in lengthening the time of remission, as well as her view on hydrogen sulfide.

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What Our Listeners Are Saying


Fantastic podcast!

Very much enjoying the diverse range of speakers and topic. Very educational, interesting and insightful. Thank you Alex & team


Thank you!

Just what I need to genuinely start helping my clients as a year 3 trainee practitioner. 


Incredibly educational podcasts

I am learning so much from these podcasts. The guests have been well chosen for their charisma as well as their knowledge. The episodes on the lymphatic system and microbiome with Dr O'Bryan were particularly fascinating. 


Really good

Great content and speakers have really helped me build my knowledge on my healthy journey that I am on right now. Keep it up, please!

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